Open Access Resources

BioMed Central (BMC)

is an electronic publishing platform for scientists, but it also includes open access journals. BMC is part of Springer Nature.

British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BALII)

database provides access to freely available British and Irish Public Legal Information.

CARPHA Evidence Portal

is a continuously updated repository of research, syntheses and Caribbean policy-relevant documents. The Portal includes clinical, population health and health systems research.

Commonwealth Legal Information Institute(CommonLII)

aims to provide free acces to core legal information from all Commonwealth countries.

The Virtual Health Library

The collection of information sources of the Portal consists of bibliographic databases produced by the VHL Network, such as LILACS, Medline, and other types of information sources, such as open educational resources, websites and scientific events. It is developed and operated by BIREME in three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish).