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In order to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment which is conducive to reading, study, research and other activities, the Calvin Mckain Library requires all users to comply with the following General Rules and Regulations.    

  • The Library service is available to faculty, staff and students of the University.
  • To enter, clients must show a valid UTech identification to the security guard on duty. In the absence of a valid ID, a letter signed by the Dean, Head of School or Head of Department along with some other form of identification that has a photograph may be used.
  • Registered Alumni students should apply to use the library facilities via the Alumni Relations Office. A special Client Card will be issued and user must show acceptable photo identification before entering the Library.
  • Users with disabilities may ask library staff for reasonable accommodations.

Library operating hours will be posted publicly. The Library is closed on Public Holidays. The University Librarian reserves the right to close the library for organizational and administrative reasons during periods of the academic year. Advance notification will be posted publicly.

  • A bell is sounded thirty minutes before closing time
  • All loans must be completed by closing time. Clients must leave the Library at the third bell.
  • No Library transaction may be carried out less than fifteen minutes before the time of closing
  • Clients are responsible for materials on loan to them and must pay for any loss or damage.
  • Books must be returned on or before the last date stamped on the date label. Failure to comply will result in fines being levied.
  • Clients who are consistently late with returning books may be deprived of borrowing privileges.
  • Clients who are found with overdue books will not be allowed to leave the Library with them.

  • Bags, briefcases, and handbags, small or large, are NOT allowed inside the library. They may be left in the bag check area provided at the library's entrance.
  • Items are left at the client's own risk. LOCKERS are available (at a cost) to students who do not wish to leave their items in the bag check area.
  • Personal valuables including cash must not be left in the Bag Check area.
  • Be responsible for personal items and ensure that they are not left unattended.
  • The Library accepts no responsibility for personal belongings that are, left, lost, stolen or damaged on library premises.
  • No firearms, knives, or other weapons are allowed inside the Library.
  • No smoking, including electronic cigarettes is allowed in the library.
  • Library staff is empowered to stop any activity in the library which they consider prejudicial to the safety, well-being, or security of clients or library staff or to the preservation of the Library’s property.
  • The Library reserves the right to inspect any item brought into the building.
  • Laptops, mobile devices, folders, jackets and any other items allowed into the Library may be subject to examination on exit.
  • Cooperate with library staff and security personnel if the security alarm sounds when exiting the library.
  • Clients who despite repeat warnings fail to adhere to the Library’s general Rules and Regulations will have their rights and privileges of use suspended or revoked by the University Librarian.

  • Use mobile devices in a way that does not disturb other library users.
  • Clients must conduct themselves in an orderly manner and must be as quiet as possible so that other clients can work without distraction.
  • Failure to comply with the Library’s noise policy after three (3) warnings will result in client being asked to leave the library.
  • Waste paper, pencil shavings and other trash, should be placed in the waste paper baskets provided. They should not be left on tables/carrels or thrown on the floors.

  • Use the Library resources including electronic resources within the specified terms of use, for example, copyright law and license agreement.
  • Computer workstations are publicly accessible and available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Clients are not permitted to change any installed programmes or configurations on the workstations.
  • Installing programmes or saving personal data and other information on workstations is strictly prohibited.
  • Clients should not disable library equipment or change hardware or software settings on a Library computer.
  • Clients should not use Library computers or other library resources for a purpose that is not designated by the library.
  • Clients should not damage, deface or misuse any Library materials or property.
  • Electrical outlets should be used in ways that are consistent with health and university safety regulations.
  • Clients will be asked to remove trailing cables or extension cords on the floors.
  • Clients are Not Allowed to re-arrange the furniture in the Library. Chairs and tables must be left where they are placed by the staff.

  • No food is allowed in the library.
  • Clients are allowed to bring and consume water in the library. Water must be in a closed spill-proof container.
  • Water is not allowed in the computer laboratory or among the book stacks.
  • Hot beverage must be consumed only in the twenty-four (24) hour reading room. Beverage must be in a covered spill-proof container.
Last Revised July, 2018
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