Library Information System & Outreach Services (LISOS)

This division was established to centralize all information systems related matters in the library and to deal with special projects that the library undertakes to expand its services to meet the demands of a dynamic community. The division consists of the Cyberlab and the following satellite units:

  • Drug Information Service (College of Health Sciences)
  • Faculty of the Built Environment Resource library
  • School of Public Health Library (Slipe Pen Road Campus)
  • Western Campus (Dome Street)
  • School of Nursing Library (Barnett Street Montego Bay)
  • School of Oral Health Sciences (Authur Wint Drive) 

Activities of the division include the;

  • Coordination of orientation programmes offered to first year students and new staff
  • Teaching of the literature searching component of the Research Methodology module offered to third year students
  • Coordination of library related exhibitions

Participation in Fieldwork attachment programmes, to provide work experience and professional exposure for students pursuing studies in Library and Information Management. 


  • A Multi Purpose Room
  • Cyber Lab with access to the internet and other electronic resources available through the library